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November 11, 2012

Koi No Yokan...

01- Swerve City
02- Romantic Dreams
03- Leathers
04- Polterheist
05- Entombed
06- Graphic Nature
07- Tempest
08- Gauze
09- Rosemary
10- Goon Squad
11- What Happened To You?

11 Nov. 2012, Salam... long awaits damn lurve DEFTONES huhuhuh what can't say, chino and member's once again gives the best melody and energy back in the latest new album called "Koi No Yokan"... so pada yang mengikuti band nih jgn lupe album terbaru terbaik dari diaorg heh... ALBUM AKAN DILANCARKAN PADA 13 NOVEMBER 2012...




pemberian sahabat...

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